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There are three ways that maintenance helps users to get the most they can from their NoiseMap software.

Firstly, user support is free for clients who have a current maintenance contract.

Secondly, computer systems are constantly changing, as the new Windows Vista reminds us. New processors, graphics cards and networks also place constant challenges for software. 

Thirdly, calculation methods are also evolving.  For example, the Lden method advised by Defra in 2003 was changed in 2005.

Maintenance entitles you to all these support options and software improvements.  It is free in the first year after purchase and is optional thereafter.  The price is equivalent to the cost of buying one new copy of the software every five years, and yet you are always up to date and at the same time you receive valuable on-going user support.

The precise terms of the maintenance agreement are stated in the licence agreement.

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