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Combined Noise Sources - Kowloon Tong Line, Hong Kong

Although the END does not require a combined-source noise map to be produced, Atkins’ NoiseMap software has this ability built in.  The sources are modelled separately but on one central noise model that can share the common aspects, such as the topography, ground cover, buildings and purpose-built noise barriers. 
The noise contours are calculated separately for each noise source and then combined as and when required.  The ability to add and subtract (compare the differences between) noise contours is built into the software.  This was used in a study of the noise from the Kowloon Tong Line in Hong Kong on behalf of the Mass Transit Railway Corporation.
The Kowloon Tong Line runs on viaduct above a major dual carriageway road.  Residents of tower blocks alongside the road complained of noise from the railway, which was identified as being re-radiated by the railway viaduct structure.  The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department determined that the noise exceeded permitted limits, although in many locations the equivalent continuous noise level emitted by the railway was below that emitted by the road.  Atkins produced a noise map showing the contributions of both sources and the relative impact of the railway as part of the study into devising a mitigation strategy for the MTRC.

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