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Onshore Gas Development, Abu Dhabi

Atkins was commissioned to predict noise levels from the extension to the existing onshore gas development at Abu Dhabi. Calculations were undertaken using SiteNoise to predict the noise levels from the plant, based on manufacturers’ data and specifications.
As part of the noise modelling exercise a sift of all plant and equipment in OGD III was carried out to eliminate all intermittent, stand-by and emergency plant and any continuously operating plant rated below 10kW. This sift process identified that there are approximately 460 point sources, comprised of:
340 coolers and condensers.
Approximately 65 pumps,
3 flares,
The remaining items consist of compressors, turbines, gear boxes and boilers. Noise datasheets were received for 94% of all noise point sources.

Onshore Gas Development Model

The information on these noise sources and plant layout was used to set-up a 3-dimensional noise model of the relevant parts of the site.
Noise predictions were also undertaken for certain sections of pipework within the plant. A sift was undertaken of the expected fluid-borne noise generated by compressors within the plant, to identify the noisiest sections of pipework, and include those within the noise model.
Noise levels at 600m away from the site boundary) were also calculated to ensure community noise levels remain below 60 dB LAeq.
Where noise levels from the pipework was shown to exceed levels, pipe lagging was specified to minimise the noise levels as far as possible.

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