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About Us

NoiseMap is designed, developed, marketed and supported in-house by NoiseMap Ltd, which is run by Roger Tompsett, a former Technical Director of Atkins Ltd, and Alan Williams, who is an expert in software engineering. 

NoiseMap software has been a commercially-successful product since its public launch in 1985 and is in world-wide use.

Roger was Atkins' project manager for the London Noise Map, which was the largest noise map ever produced at the time (in 2004). He has been working on the computer prediction of noise, and on noise mapping, for over 35 years.

Alan, who is a database expert, has been working on the development of NoiseMap software for the last five years, being responsible for integrating Road, Rail and Site Noise Mapping into a single product.

Our aim is to make noise mapping software as easy to use as possible, and to support our many users to help them to become as productive as possible.

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phone: +44 (0) 20 3355 9734