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Green Cube

December 2008 - NoiseMap Ltd takes over from Atkins

NoiseMap Ltd has now taken over from Atkins all rights and responsibilities for NoiseMap software. This includes sales, maintenance, support, training, Pay-As-You-Go, running the Remote Server and software development.

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January 2008 NoiseMap Server Edition 4.0.16

The integrated RoadNoise/RailNoise/SiteNoise version of NoiseMap Server Edition has undergone some heavy use in the last six months and is proving to be very successful.

But enhancements continue. The latest are:
Automatic generation of individual receiver points around building facades
Individual receiver points can be added to the calculation queue for distributed calculation
Receiver noise levels are stored in the database.

The User Reference Manual has been updated to describe these enhancements and stands at version 4.0.13 (November 2007). The RailNoise and SiteNoise additions are described in separate guides.

Please contact us for a free copy if you are a maintained user.

June 2007 NoiseMap Server Edition version 4.0.0

We are delighted to announce that SiteNoise and RailNoise are now integrated into NoiseMap Server Edition, so now you can calculate RoadNoise, RailNoise and SiteNoise from a single model.

Many smaller changes have been made to improve the productivity of the system.  These include the introduction of more levels of Undo and Redo, better bitmap calibration procedures, more flexible DXF import and more information in the output log.

If you are renting space on our server, you will be pleased to know that we have upgraded to a faster machine which will reduce download times, especially for complex databases.
The current version of NoiseMap Enterprise is version 2.6.9
The main improvement over the previous version is more flexible DXF import.
We have also produced new ‘How to …’ guides.  Follow this link for more information.
phone: +44 (0) 20 3355 9734