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Enterprise Edition

NoiseMap Enterprise Edition is NoiseMap's long-established software for modelling and mapping noise from roads, railways, industrial, construction and other open sites. It is particularly recommended for users who have a single type of noise (road, rail or industrial) to calculate over moderate areas, such as those who have to undertake occasional assessments of road or railway schemes, or industrial developments. It is also ideal for those who wish to work independently of a network, on a laptop for example.

The latest enhancements to NoiseMap Enterprise Edition allow very large models to be created, taking advantage of the capabilities of modern computers. In NoiseMap Enterprise Edition, roads, rail and industrial sites are modelled separately, but common features such as topography, buildings and noise barriers can be shared. The resulting noise contours can be combined and differences (changes of noise level) can also be obtained. The RoadNoise, RailNoise and SiteNoise modules can be bought separately.

For a full list of features, follow this link.


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