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Hardware Requirements

NoiseMap is mathematically intensive and will benefit from the fastest processors available, especially when using Server Edition to model huge areas. A machine specified for CAD or similar work should be suitable.

A fast graphics card is recommended for viewing large areas, with Open GL support for 3D viewing. A minimum of 1 GB of RAM is recommended on Windows XP and a minimum of 2 GB RAM on Windows Vista. A hard disk of 80GB is adequate. A 19 or 21 inch display would be advantageous. WinTab driver is required for digitising tablets.

Although NoiseMap is currently single-threaded, when using Server Edition, it will be possible to run more than one instance of it on a computer, which will allow the simultaneous calculation of more than one tile.  

Client Machines
Operating system: 2000/XP
RAM 512 MB minimum (Enterprise Edition) 1 GB minimum (Server Edition)

Operating System: Vista:
RAM 1 GB minimum (Enterprise Edition); 2 GB minium (Server Edition)

80GByte hard disk is adequate

Server Machines
Operating system: Windows Server 2003
2 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 160GB hard disk
Backup system

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