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Server Edition

NoiseMap Server Edition is based on a simple concept: instead of storing a noise model in flat files, use a database - but make the database intelligent and efficient. Then, the database will track all the changes and the user's computer only needs to receive data on the section that is being processed.

The automated noise modelling features of NoiseMap Server Edition mean that you can quickly and easily create much larger and more elaborate noise models than in the past. Server Edition provides the much greater storage capacity needed by modern noise models.

All users share a single database, so they can see and use each other's work, but the system prevents conflicts arising when two people try to modify the same objects. Users can be located anywhere:- all that is needed is a network or internet connection to the server. The databases are protected by user names and passwords and are also encrypted. The database server should be located behind a secure firewall.

For details of the server requirements, follow this link


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