… for professionals

NoiseMap five is designed to meet the special requirements of professionals working on large projects.

Teams may be covering different geographical areas; they may even be working from different offices.  Some people will be creating the models, some will be analysing the results. Others will be managing progress, checking the quality and reporting to clients. These aspects are just as important as the actual calculations.

For more about how NoiseMap helps teams, please follow this link.

Spotting Errors
Have you spotted the error in the ‘View-As-Colour’ image above?
This shows the heights of roads and other objects, and you will see that in the middle of the image, a minor road crossing the major road from north to south is the same pale blue colour as the major road. This means they are at the same height – not a good idea!  The minor road should be crossing above the major road, and so should be coloured in green.  NoiseMap makes it easy to see such errors.