Section 61 Applications

Construction noise can be a problem, especially in relation to new roads and railways, as work often needs to be done outside the normal working hours.  This was recognised as far back as 1974, when the ‘Control of Pollution Act’ gave new powers to local authorities to regualte the noise from construction sites.

Section 60 of the Act allows local authorities to impose noise restrictions on construction activity, whilst Section 61 allows contractors and those involved in construction and demolition activity to apply for consent in relation to noise emissions from such work.  Large infrastructure projects often require contractors to obtain Section 61 ‘Prior Consent’ before starting work, to avoid disruption to the project once it has started.

An application for Prior Consent requires a detailed assessment of the potential noise impact of the construction project, and showing that the work will meet established noise impact criteria. This is not easy to get right, since there are many uncertainties in every project.  It is just as important to avoid predicting unrealistically high noise levels as it is to avoid predicting unrealistically low noise levels, since either can lead to expensive difficulties.

NoiseMap has considerable experience of preparing applications for Prior Consent.  Comparison of its predictions with actual measurements  have shown that predictions can be surprisingly accurate.  NoiseMap will advise what information is required and will undertake all the necessary technical work needed for a Section 61 Application.

If you need such an assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us.