Enterprise Edition – Model Capacity

16,000 each of road, rail and haul road segments, noise barriers, fixed noise sources, ground contour points and receiver points. The model size is however unlimited in terms of geographical area covered.

NoiseMap five – Model Capacity

The limits on model size are essentially the practical ones of computer memory and processing speed – although the data input and processing techniques used by NoiseMap are designed to work efficiently with very large models.  NoiseMap five can use multi-core processors and distributed processing which make the maximum use of available processing capacity.

The model size is normally limited to a geographical area of 1024 km square, although this can be increased simply by using a larger tile size.  There are no limits on the numbers of any individual object types or the number of scenarios that can be managed.

There is a limit of 100 category types and 100 category combinations.

A full technical specification is available as a pdf file here

NoiseMap five Technical Specification

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