how to buy

NoiseMap is available for immediate download from the internet.  It comes with automatic self-installation software.  It is protected by a hardware security dongle (key) which must be plugged into your computer.  This can be sent almost anywhere in the world within three working days.

If you are not sure which version of the software you need, then follow this link for advice on How to choose. You can buy separate modules for calculation of Road, Rail and Site Noise, in both the Enterprise and Server Editions.  Please note that NoiseMap is complete as sold and you do not need any other software (such as CAD or GIS) in order to use it.

NoiseMap is made available under licence, as with most software.  This means that you acquire a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use one copy of NoiseMap for a period of time depending on the licence you buy.  You must agree to the licence terms before installing it. There are several different types of software licence:

  • Pay-As-You-Go lets you acquire the full software for a modest initial outlay and hourly usage charges;
  • A Full Licence gives you unlimited access to selected versions of the software for a period of one year or 50 years;
  • Hire gives you unlimited access to selected version of the software during the hire period
  • Hire-purchase lets you put your hire charges towards a full purchase of the software
  • Maintenance is free in the first year and optional thereafter
  • If you are using Server Edition, you can rent server space from us, which saves you having to install your own server.

If you need any help in choosing, please contact us.  We will be pleased to hear from you.

Once you have selected your requirements, then if you are a UK company, then all we require is an official written order from you, stating the version you require, the type of licence that you require, full company name and address, the user’s contact details and the invoice address.  We will invoice you on despatch for payment within 30 days.

We are pleased to supply overseas customers.  We suggest that you contact us by email for advice.