Data importing

There are several different methods that can be used in order to import data to create a model, and hence a noise map. Please click on each of the ways below to find out more information.

The quickest way of creating a noise model in NoiseMap five is from suitable digital mapping.  Two commonly-available formats for digital maps are DXF and Shapefiles.

You may not have much choice over which type of data format is available.  Most highway design CAD packages produce DXF or DWG (AutoCAD Drawing) format files, whereas shapefiles are available if the data is exported from a GIS.

If you have a choice, then shapefiles would be better if they have the attributes of objects (particularly traffic flows).  If they do not have the attributes, then there is little to choose between them.

If you have a full set of shapefiles with attributes, you can create a noise model simply by importing all the shapefiles.  If not, NoiseMap five contains all the tools that you need to create a noise map from basic information.  In fact, you can create a noise model without having any digital maps at all, although the process with be much slower and is not ideal.