Data importing from AutoCAD

DXF (drawing exchange format) originated as an AutoCAD format which is now widely used for exchanging digital drawings and maps between computer programs.  NoiseMap can import DXF files and the software then includes tools for automatic conversion of the dxf.

A DXF file can contain many different types of object (for example, roads, buildings, ground contours would each be different types of objects).  Ideally for NoiseMap, each type of object should be in a separate layer of the drawing, although this is not enforced by the DXF standard.  Each layer of the drawing can be thought of as a separate sheet of transparent paper with objects drawn on it.  You can add and remove a layer without affecting any other layer.

NoiseMap Enterprise Edition can convert individual selected elements of an imported dxf file, and convert them into noise model objects.

NoiseMap Server Edition has the ability to convert whole dxf layers at once, which greatly speeds up the creation of a noise model.