Current Versions and Updates

NoiseMap issues updates to products whenever new features are added or issues are corrected.

Current version of NoiseMap five is v5.2.9, released 14 March 2018

ISO9613-2 Barrier Calculation
The headline feature in this release is a new ISO9613-2 barrier calculation option.  This option is part of the SiteNoise Calculation module, which is based on BS5228 with enhancements.

Previous versions include:

NoiseMap five v5.2.1 was  released 5 May 2017
NoiseMap five v5.2 was released 19 Jan 2017
NoiseMap five v5.1.6  was released on 5th Nov 2015
NoiseMap five v5.1.5 was released on 6th Oct 2015
NoiseMap five v5.1 was released on 16 Dec 2014
NoiseMap five v5.0 was released on 14 June 2010
Please see our News page for information on upcoming releases.

The current release of NoiseMap Enterprise is version 2.7.2

The current release of the Database Administrator Tool is 0.9.18

If you are running earlier versions of any of these products, we recommend that you upgrade.  Upgrades are free if you have a current maintenance contract, otherwise there is a fee which will depend on when you last upgraded and other factors. We do not recommend running different versions of NoiseMap on the same database.

Please contact us for a quote, stating the number of your security dongle and which version of NoiseMap that you are using.

If you are using NoiseMap five and your maintenance is current, then by going to the Help menu in NoiseMap, you can connect directly to our download site and obtain the latest version.