Linked property windows

The properties of many objects will depend on other objects: for example, the traffic flow on a road will depend on the flow values set in the Traffic Flow Manager.

An example for open-site noise is that the Activity taking place at a certain Working Location depends on the properties of that Activity set in the Activity Manager, which itself depends on the properties of the Plant being used, which are set in the Plant Manager.

NoiseMap helps you to manage all these objects by keeping them in separate properties boxes, but sometimes you need to check how the objects are related: for example you may have several similar items of plant and you need to make sure you are using the right one.

The Road Lorry properties are linked

In the above example, the properties of the Activity called ‘Loading’ is traced back from the working location (shown as a pair of crossed route segments in the plan) through the Activity Manager to the Plant Manager. This helps you to check that you are using the right item of plant at the right location.