Barrier optimisation

When undertaking design work, you may wish to optimise the height of the noise barriers in your scheme. NoiseMap provides a way of making quick adjustments to a range of barriers in order to test the effectiveness of various barrier arrangements.

Firstly, you should decide what barrier height adjustments are appropriate. Next, you can assign the barriers that you are designing to one or more of the ten available barrier adjustment layers.  You can give each adjustment layer a different amount of height adjustment. For example, you could set the Level 1 adjustment to be 0.5 m, Level 2 to be 1 m, Level 3 to be 2  m, and so on.   The Highlight button will show all barriers using a particular adjustment level so that you can view and edit them.

This allows you to make fine adjustments to the height of any barrier without changing the height permanently.  You can quickly re-run with different height adjustments until you reach the optimum solution.