• User Interface
    Graphical access to all functions, with on-screen context-sensitive help that opens the user manual at the right page and a script interface that allows many procedures to be automated.
  • Data Importing
    Data can be imported from CAD, GIS, Bitmaps, direct and can also be automated using a scripting interface.
  • Modelling
    Scenario management, editing traffic flows, calculation methods and distributed computing.
  • Viewing Tools
    View-as-colour, cross sections, 3D view, view options and noise contour display.
  • Results Processing
    Calculate changes of noise level, exceedance of criteria and complex expressions for viewing and exporting
  • Data Exporting
    Direct printing, import to reports, many graphic formats, exporting to CAD and GIS.
  • Administration Tools
    Database management, backups and archiving. User access controls. File management and archiving.
  • RoadNoise
    Road segments, heights, barrier, surface types and other corrections. Retained cuts, traffic flows.
  • RailNoise
    Track segments, heights, vehicles, services.
  • SiteNoise
    Fixed, Mobile and Tracked workings, Plant types, and categories.  Octave band calculations.