Top up your Pay-As-You-Go Account here

Harness the full power of NoiseMap software for a small initial capital outlay. Pay-As-You-Go gives you access to the full NoiseMap five or Enterprise Edition for modest hourly charges. This allows you to easily offset the costs of using the software to individual projects, rather than having a larger capital cost.

How it Works

 A full version of the software is installed on the computer, a code for the available user time is stored in the hardware dongle.  When you need to top up with more user time, you log in to your password protected user account on our website.  The balance of your account and your discount points will be shown.

You enter the number of hours you wish to download.  You will be shown the cost, which depends on the number of discount points you have on you account.  You can accept or reject this purchase.  When you accept, you will be given a user time code (personal to your copy of the software) and the cost will be debited from your account.  You can choose to have the user time code emailed to you if you wish.  You then enter the time code into the software, and you can then user the software until the download time has expired.

The user time code can be put into any one of the NoiseMap modules, but if you want to use more than one module, you will have to get a separate time code for each of them.

Initial Subscription

Please contact us for the latest cost of the Initial Subscription.

Top-up Subscription

Your user account can be topped up as required by sending us an email.  You can earn discount points for every hour of user time that you download.  They are a means of reducing the cost for people who use the software regularly and intensively.

Cost of User Time

User time is downloaded by the hour, but consumed in units of two minutes (or part) when you use the software.  The download price depends on the number of discount points on your account.  Currently, this varies from £4 per hour for intensive users to £10 per hour for light users, but we reserve the right to amend these prices without prior warning. You earn one discount point for every hour that you purchase, discount points become operative 30 days after you purchase the user time and remain on your account until 90 days after you purchased your user time. You do not ‘spend’ any discount points when you purchase time, they are a means of reducing the costs for people who use the software regularly and intensively.

No. of points held

Current hourly price of user time (subject to revision)

250 or more


125 or more


25 or more


Less than 25


All prices exclude VAT