Licence Expiry

Your licence details

Your NoiseMap licence is held on a hardware security key (USB dongle).  This must be plugged into the computer all the time that NoiseMap is running.  If it is removed, NoiseMap will warn you and stop running until it is put back.

When you start NoiseMap, the Output log screen will show the version of NoiseMap that you are running along with the expiry date of the licence and the maintenance, so you are always clear about this.  When the licence expiry date is less than a month away, you get a warning on the start-up screen.  At this point you should contact NoiseMap if you want to keep running the software.

Extending your licence

When you do ask us to extend your licence, we will update the details on our licensing server, but this does not update the dongle automatically (because for example the dongle may not be plugged in at that time).  NoiseMap will not show the new expiry dates until you update the dongle.

Updating the dongle licence

You can check your licence and version number details on our server by going to Help>Check for Software/Licence updates. If you have extended the maintenance or expiry date, it will be shown there.  It will also show a Licence Update Code.  You can copy this to the clipboard and paste into  NoiseMap’s Help>Update Licence dialog.  This will update the dongle and you can then continue to use NoiseMap until the next Expiry date.

Our current company policy is that our software does not contact our server to check the licence details except when you ask it to.  However,  by selecting Parameters>Program Options from NoiseMap’s menu, you can set NoiseMap to check for licence or software updates automatically at intervals of your choice.