The Server is the computer that hosts the noise model for NoiseMap five when using the remote database option.  It is not needed if you choose the ‘Standalone’ option.  If you want the capabilities of the remote database, but don’t wish to set up your own server, you can hire space on NoiseMap’s Cloud Server.

The server can be located anywhere on a private network or on the Internet. It can even be located in the user’s own machine, although this is not recommended if the noise model is to be shared with others.

The Server can be located at an external commercial database hosting site, which is particularly advantageous where users are located at many different sites. Commercial hosting can now offer competitive rates compared with the cost of purchasing and locating suitable hardware at the user’s own site. However, some knowledge of networks is needed to ensure that the system is set up securely and reliably.

The Server computer runs the database hosting engine, for which NoiseMap uses the popular MySQL. NoiseMap Ltd supplies the data hosting software, which includes the MySQL database server application with server licence and self-installation utility to configure the system. Some manual configuration may also be required, depending on the system where it is installed.