Script Files

Scripts are a series of instructions for NoiseMap to perform certain tasks.  Script instructions can be typed into the Script pane at the bottom of the Output Screen, or they can be read from a script file that you have created.

There are almost 100 script instructions which allow most processing to be automated.

We have created a number of examples as follows:

  • CalcScenario – calculate all contours and receivers in a scenario
  • LoadResults – load receiver results for scenario & set headline
  • ShowRecChange – load receiver results & show change of level
  • ShowContChange – load contour results & show change of level
  • Scroll24hCont – load and scroll through 24 hour  contours
  • Scroll24hRec – load and scroll through 24 hour receivers

If you would like a copy of these, please contact us with your licence details.