NoiseMap is a professional environmental noise calculation and mapping system that works with  Windows 10 and all other recent versions including 8, 7 and XP in the 32 and 64-bit options.  We do not have products for other operating systems.

NoiseMap is a design tool for solving noise problems. It incorporates over twenty years’ experience of hundreds of users in the practical day to day assessment of noise. We have made considerable effort to provide the tools that users need whilst keeping the interface as straightforward and intuitive as possible.

You do not need to be an expert in acoustics or noise calculation to use NoiseMap – in fact our aim has always been to keep the technical stuff ‘under the bonnet’ so that you can concentrate on the engineering of your project.  However, there are situations where you need to understand why you have a particular result, and here NoiseMap excels in features that show you how a particular result was obtained: it is not merely a ‘black box’ that produces a result that you have to take on trust.

NoiseMap is available in two editions, Five and Enterprise.

NoiseMap Five is our flagship product and has replaced NoiseMap Server Edition.  It is designed for all types of work from the very simplest project to the modelling of whole cities and for testing complex combinations of scheme options.  Its advanced user interface provides the huge range of features expected by noise professionals without requiring any knowledge of database technology. It allows for collaborative working over the internet so that users in different locations can share in creating and using noise models, and can distribute calculations between many computers.

NoiseMap Enterprise Edition (EE) has replaced NoiseMap 2000 to allow vast model sizes and a full range of functions including advanced noise mapping, cross sections, 3D viewing and automated digital map import.

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NoiseMap Ltd maintains a continuous development effort to add features that users want and to keep the software current with developments in computers and noise mapping techniques.

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