How to choose

NoiseMap five is our flagship product.  It can model vast projects (for example, a project could stretch over the whole of the UK) but it is also highly efficient on small projects as well.

NoiseMap five Options

All options:

  • include unlimited model size
  • have the same geographical database
  • have essentially the same user interface
  • have the same input and output ability
  • can store results in the database
  • have the same post-processing ability

Choices (additional cost options):

There are three calculation modules and you need to choose which ones you require:

  • RoadNoise (Calculation of Road Traffic Noise + enhancements)
  • RailNoise (Calculation of Railway Noise + TNPM (high-speed)
  • SiteNoise (BS5228 + many enhancements)

Single or multiprocessor option

  • Multiprocessor allows the best use to be made of modern multi-core processors and is recommended for large projects

Local or remote database

  • The ‘remote’ database is ideal for collaborative working with users in many locations, and can allow many computers (including multi-core machines) to participate in calculations.  This is useful for huge projects.
  • The ‘local’ database gives almost all NoiseMap features without any special database installation. However, collaborative working and multiple calculations machines are not normally possible.

The basic NoiseMap system:

  • Is complete as sold and does not need any CAD, GIS or other software to make it work.
  • Has a helpful User Interface, including built-in context sensitive help, that can be left in a permanent position on a second monitor if required.
  •  Can create models from digital maps and GIS Shapefiles, and can import from spread-sheets and NoiseMap Enterprise.
  • Permits manual creation and editing of models
  •  Can show you the step-by-step calculation if required.
  •  Stores the results of calculations in its database so that you can recall any noise contour map or individual receiver results immediately.
  • Has many licencing options to keep the outlay low.

Cloud server – this is a remote server which gives you the benefits of the remote database option but without the need to set up your own server. You can use it for undertaking distributed calculations and to allow collaboration between people in different locations or organisations.  It relieves you of the task and cost of managing a database server.  You will be charged a modest monthly standing charge and charges for certain administrative tasks.

Database Administrator Software

If you use our Cloud Server or run a remote database with NoiseMap five, you need to manage User Access, to create and backup databases and to manage the calculation queue. The Administrator software provides these functions in an easy-to-use interface that requires no knowledge of database language or operations.

Server-side software is available if you wish to set up and run your own database server.  It creates and runs the optional remotely-hosted databases used by NoiseMap five.  You do not require this unless you wish to run your own server.  This software will allow you to run a server with little or no knowledge of how servers work. You can even set one up in your own laptop machine (although this would not be generally recommended.)

Enterprise Edition is a fully-featured noise mapping system ideal for those with small to medium projects, especially where there is a limited collaborative working.    It can read digital maps in DXF format, but not in Shapefile format.  NoiseMap Enterprise is recommended for those who require backward compatibility or specific regulatory needs.

Transfer between NoiseMap Enterprise and NoiseMap five – You can transfer noise models between the two Editions, within the limitations of their capacity, although NoiseMap five is able to model certain features (such as building objects) that cannot be modelled in Enterprise Edition.  These would be lost when transferring to Enterprise.

Click on the links for further information on the Capacity of the various versions of the software and for advice on hardware.

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