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The Guides shown underlined on this page can be download by clicking on the name.  Others are available by emailing us. Please provide your licence dongle serial number and your registered name.

A Video version of some Guides is available, indicated by a v after the name.

noise contour cross section

1. How to create vertical noise contours…..



Information guides (pdf format)
User Guides (pdf format)
Other User Guides

The following are not currently released for download but can be supplied free of charge on application.  Please contact us with your licence dongle serial number and your registered name:

  • NoiseMap five – User Reference Manual v 5.2.10  (317 pp)
  • NoiseMap five – Guide to Script Interface and Expressions (61 pp)
  • NoiseMap five – Database Maintenance and Administration Tools
  • NoiseMap five – Guide to using the Results Processor
  • NoiseMap five – TNPM Reference Manual
  • NoiseMap five – Resumé of Calculation Methods
  • NoiseMap five – Guide to Digital Mapping
  • NoiseMap five – Tutorial on Digital Mapping (DXF & Shapefiles)
  • NoiseMap five – How to create vertical noise contours
  • NoiseMap five – Short Guide to DMRB Assessments
  • NoiseMap five – Predicting noise from Mineral Extraction Sites
  • NoiseMap five – Predicting noise from Construction Sites
  • NoiseMap Server Edition – Assessing road schemes
  • NoiseMap – Server installation instructions
  • NoiseMap – Using Pay-As-You-Go