User Support

We want our users to get the most they can from their NoiseMap software.  Two ways in which we can help are by providing on-going support and by making improvements to the software.

Our User Forum has answers to many FAQs and is well worth a look as your query may already be resolved there.

User support is free for clients who have a current maintenance contract with us, subject to a fair use policy.

We are always happy to assist with user queries.  Support is by telephone, email and through our web-site.  When you Contact Us, please include you licence (dongle) number and the version of NoiseMap that you are using.  These are always printed at the top of the Output Log/Results page and the dongle number is printed on the side of the dongle as well.

We also work hard to make NoiseMap as easy to use as we can, and to provide the features that you need, so we are always pleased to receive feedback and requests for improvements.

A full set of manuals is provided with purchase of the software. The manuals are also made available on the users computer via the start menu, in pdf format. The manuals include full worked examples for using the software, and it is recommended that users follow these through before using the software on their own projects.