NoiseMap 5.2.6 Full Release

We have now released NoiseMap 5.2.6 which incorporates recent updates.

This release allows 500 categories and combinations (increased from 100) and has been issued in response to requests.
It is also now possible to import categories and combinations from a csv file.  This change has the side-effect that NoiseMap Archives (.nma type files) will not be compatible with NoiseMap 5.2.4 or earlier versions, although archives from earlier versions will be compatible with NoiseMap 5.2.5.

A number of other minor updates have been made, including a check for duplicate receivers in the automated checking procedure and improvements to the ‘find’ function. A ‘start of chain’ and ‘direction’ symbol has been added to railway tracks. The database previewer now includes the parent tiles by default when previewing a scenario.

Database Admin Tool

We have also taken the opportunity to release an update to the Database Administration Tool and to the NoiseMap Backup utility NMBackup.exe, which is now version 0.9.19.

Restoring from *.nmbackup to *.nmdb

Some users had problems using the previous version of the NMBackup utility when trying restore a *.nmbackup database file to a *.nmdb backup file.  This update fixes the problem. Users have been able to restore databases of hundreds of megabytes using the NMBackup utility. At present, this is an informal operation and has not yet been given a GUI interface.  You will need to do it from a command line window.  Please contact us for instructions.

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