NoiseMap 5.2.1 Released

NoiseMap 5.2.1 adds new features as specially requested by users.
These are:

  • The function that automatically generates receiver points around buildings can be set to put receivers only on buildings that contain an address point.  This means that you are less likely to generate receivers around unoccupied buildings
  • The Find function contains a new option to only match text where it is at the beginning or end of an identifier. This lets you be more selective in finding addresses, etc.
  • The SiteNoise source contribution breakdown csv output file heading “SPL” has been changed to “PWL” to clarify that it is the sound power level and not the sound pressure level.

Some other internal changes have also been made to improve reliability of operation.

NoiseMap five operates with all current versions of Windows, so there is no need to use an out-of-date version of Windows or NoiseMap for reasons of compatibility.

We only issue new releases when we believe there are genuine improvements.  It is our policy to ensure backwards and forwards compatibility if at all practicable.

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