NoiseMap 5.2.4 Test Release

This release, dated 13/09/2017, tests a number of enhancements particularly for NoiseMap five RailNoise module.  These include increasng the number of barriers that are included during noise barrier assessment, detailed output of intermediate calculation steps, support for more versions of MySQL, additional backup and restore options and the ability to address more instances of the remote databasebase through a single SSL tunnel.

A further enhancement gives the user more control over the way that NoiseMap responds to missing results when post-processing.

These are mainly ‘under the hood’ enhancements.  However, the ability to output intermediate calculation steps has necessitated the addition of a new column in the Calculation Queue, which means that NoiseMap 5.2.4 automatically adds an extra column to the database.  Once NoiseMap 5.2.4 has been used on a remote database, it will no longer be possible for earlier versions to add calculations to the queue.

As always, we recommend that users upgrade all their instances of NoiseMap at the same time.

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